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One of the most important shifts going on in business right now is the change from focusing on transactions to solutions.

If you think your business is about what you sell – think again!

Your business is always about the value or results – the solutions you provide your customers.

And companies are catching on.

I recently saw a TV commercial for Sleep Number beds that nailed it.

Sleep Number beds have adjustable firmness and used to be sold with mini infomercials starring celebrities.

They now have stores around the country and the commercial was promoting visiting their stores for a free sleep posture analysis.

The commercial had people lying on the beds with a computer monitor displaying a colorful diagram showing where the pressure points and weight is distributed for each person.

Then with the analysis the correct “sleep number” was selected with the prospective customer expressing an “Ah!”

Now, I don’t need a new bed, but the impact of the commercial was I wanted to have my sleep posture analyzed and see what my “sleep number” felt like!

They didn’t talk about beds or mattresses (even though that is what they are selling). They were promoting the sleep posture analysis and the “Ah” – great sleep, feeling good.

Who wouldn’t want that!

Hats off to Sleep Number.

Applying this to your business, identify what is the benefit your customers receive from working with you.

Why are they buying what you sell?

With Sleep Number, buying the bed is a way to get better sleep and feel good.

For a carpet cleaning company having the carpets cleaned may be part of maintaining a healthy home, minimizing allergies, or having their home look good when company comes over.

For a commercial carpet cleaning company working with businesses, keeping the carpets cleaned may actually be part of their business image and brand to attract and retain their own customers.

Next look for opportunities to help your customers by providing a tool or resource that in some way provides them with either a capability or educates them on what they need to know to make a buying decision.

The Sleep Number beds have never appealed to me, but I would like to have a sleep posture analysis done.

Offering the analysis is enough to have me go to one of their stores. Who knows, when I lay down on the Sleep Number bed I may think it is the best thing since sliced bread!

Or maybe not – but either way they will get me into their store which gives them the opportunity to sell me or add me to their database.

Would you like some feedback on how to apply this to your business?

Post below what you think is the main benefit your company provides, and one or more ideas on what to offer prospective customer to capture their interest in what you have to offer.

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