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The Right System. The Right Results.

The #1 coaching program for pharmacy owners to increase customer loyalty, team engagement and profitability.

We Choose Local
An e-commerce platform for locally owned businesses. Bringing Local Together.

Turning Teams into Heroes and Customers into Raving Fans. The book to transform your business.

Pharmacy Success
The #1 coaching program for pharmacy owners to increase customer loyalty, team engagement, and profitability.

About Patti

Patti Mara is an author, international speaker, and business consultant who helps independent pharmacy owners increase customer loyalty, team engagement, and profitability.
As the creator of Independent Pharmacy Success Program™ (IPSP) she finds ways independent pharmacy owners can improve their operations by navigating the unique challenges of running a successful pharmaceutical business.

“Patti has a way of pulling the most deep-seated and useful aspects of your company out, and then teaches you how to use those aspects to breathe new life into your business. She’s the “Tony Robbins” of outstanding business growth and success.”

-Sandi White, Sierra Trade Trading Post

Patti Mara was my first business coach and remained so for 6 years until she moved on to the Profit Generator. Patti saved me from a life of walls and complexities that I could not overcome on my own. Patti Mara made the learning experience easy and mentored me into the businessman I am today. Her professionalism, expert knowledge and knack to help you see what needs to be done next are matched by none. I am truly a fan and will be for life.
-Steve Ferman, Compunite Computers, Inc.
Patti attended one of my workshops and an 8-week teleclass event on Transforming Your Relationship to Success. I’ve never seen such enthusiasm from any attendee before. Patti could have run the workshop for us. She’s a lifelong learner. Patti is very intelligent, comfortable with people and a joy to have on board. I recommend her to anyone wanting to create a more positive outlook in their life or business.
-Susan Bushell, AAMET International
Patti continually brings rich & creative resources of experience, energy, and enthusiasm (and that’s only using 1 letter of the alphabet!).
-Brian Weaterdon, Aligning Wealth

Patti Mara’s Writing

Build a Successful Independent Pharmacy

Up Solutions

Are you playing the wrong game of business? Most independent business owners are trying to compete against the big box national or international stores and are being squeezed on price – they are being commoditized AND playing the wrong game of business.

What’s interesting is the big box stores can’t play the independent’s game of business – creating value and relationship.

The challenge is we have fallen into the habit of treating our customers as transactions and focusing on sales rather than the solutions your unique business provides.

UpSolutions is a simple formula for both business owners and the front-line team members to position themselves as solution providers and trusted resources for their customers – enabling the business to stand out from the crowd, attract customers and increase profitability.  

UpSolutions is the recipe for independent businesses to survive and thrive in a period of rapid change.

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