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A pharmacy owner I work with surveyed his customers to find out what they valued most about his pharmacy, what improvements the customers most wanted to see. The #1 requested improvement was to start offering delivery.

Except the pharmacy already offered delivery! The issue wasn’t whether or not they offered the service; the issue was that their customers didn’t know what they offered!

If you surveyed your customers do you think they would know all of the products or services your company has to offer?

If your customers don’t know all the ways you can take care of their needs, you are leaving money on the table.

Worse, they may choose to go somewhere else thinking you don’t offer what they are looking for.

Don’t assume your customers know about (and remember) everything your business offers – remind them on a regular basis of both what you offer and what the benefit to them is.

This is back to it is your responsibility to have your business be “top of mind” for your customers.

Which means in some way or another your business needs to be in front of your customers at least once a month.

One of my favourite methods is to publish a monthly newsletter, in which you educate and entertain your customers – and have your business be front and center at least once a month.

You can create your own newsletter template and put in content each month – there are lots of great resources online.

I recommend having content that would appeal to your customer base – such as tips, recipes, contests, testimonials and support material plus how your business is a solution to their needs with a spotlight on a product or service.

Not sure how to get started? Check out www.FreeClientNewsletter.com. They provide a free template every month that you can customize and send out to your customers.

With a new customer, take some extra time welcoming them to your business, and educating them on everything your business has to offer. Capture complete information which now includes email and cell phone.

Options to educate your customers and keep your business top of mind:

  • Create a new customer brochure or package that outlines all the different products or services available (and what benefit they get from each).
  • Monthly customer newsletter – again the purpose here is to educate and entertain but it also creates a new distribution channel (another way you can promote a service, program or product in your business.
  • Posters and/or bag-stuffers – spotlight on a new program, product or service each month.
  • Advertising in local paper – promote something new each month
  • Have your team focus on talking about or promoting a new product, program or service each month (team training)
  • Train your team so they recognize opportunities to promote different ways you can take better care of your customers
  • Ask your customers questions – don’t assume you know what they want (or think!). A promoted program may not interest the customers but it may be perfect fit their Mother, neighbour, friend etc.

Every additional program, product or service that your customers consume from your business strengthens their bond with your business, builds your repeat business, causes referrals AND is the profit generator or your business!!!

Bottom line – do not assume that your customers know what you have to offer, and don’t leave it up to their memories. Your job is to clearly communicate the value of your business and all the different ways you can support them.

You work so hard to attract new business – make sure you are not leaving your profit on the table.


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