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Podcast Interview: The Vacation Effect

Podcast Interview: The Vacation Effect

Denise Gosnell is the founder of The Vacation Effect™, Business Strategist and Productivity Hacker. She helps busy entrepreneurs who haven’t taken a “real” vacation in years learn the strategies to start taking a week vacation every month while...

What Do Your Customers See?

When was the last time you looked at your business through your customers’ eyes? What do they see? I was at a spa a couple of days ago enjoying wonderful treatments including a facial. The staff and treatments were excellent. But when I lay down on the treatment table...

Achieving Abundance

Traditionally economics has been defined as the study of scarce resources. And if there are a limited number of resources then all of us are battling for a share, often leading to win-lose situations. I have to out-perform or out-bid you to win. Operating in this way...

Handling Complaints – A Competitive Advantage

Several times over the last couple of days I have heard grumbling from people frustrated because they have dealt with companies that have not handled complaints well. What they were most frustrated about is they have literally gotten nothing back after expressing what...

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