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Podcast Interview: Turning Your Team Into Heroes and Your Customers Into Raving Fans

Business owners often have a hard time standing out from the masses when there are so many choices online. What makes...

What Do Your Customers See?

When was the last time you looked at your business through your customers’ eyes? What do they see? I was at a spa a couple of days ago enjoying...

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Achieving Abundance

Traditionally economics has been defined as the study of scarce resources. And if there are a limited number of resources then all of us are...

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The Great Divide

Often in the Profit Talk Newsletter I have commented on the shift that is happening in the marketplace from selling products or services to selling...

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Selling Solutions

Whether you're selling widgets on a street corner or big-ticket, long-cycle products to manufacturers, you have to understand the psychology behind...

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Getting to the Ah

One of the most important shifts going on in business lately is the change of focus from transactions to solutions. If you think your business is...

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Don’t Believe the Hype!

A couple of years ago I gave a speech at Joe Polish's Cash Creation Conference. Based on feedback, it has had the greatest impact of all speeches I...

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The Power of Three

How many times have you heard: "You didn't tell me that!" while you know for a fact that you did communicate what they don't remember you saying? It...

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Price as the Last Resort

Many businesses make the mistake of focusing on price. In other words, when selling their products or services, the first thing they promote is the...

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