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“UpSolutions puts business owners in the driver’s seat .”

Dan Sullivan – Founder & President of The Strategic Coach®, Inc.

About The Book

The warp-speed pace of global competition is a game-changer for independent businesses. Who are the innovators, the entrepreneurs that thwart the competitive pressures of chains, global internet sales, and price-driven markets? In UpSolutions, top business consultant Patti Mara shares the success strategies that make independent business owners succeed and thrive by playing their own game in business.

Based on key pivotal shifts in the mind-sets of stakeholders – owners, team members and customers alike – from transaction to relationship-based outcomes, Patti’s approach works. You will see its results in increased profits, a highly motivated team, and repeat customers. That’s when your team members become brand ambassadors for the company and heroes to your customers.

The result: customers who are raving fans, sing your praises and tell their friends.

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More About The Book

UpSolutions includes strategies for seizing the unlimited opportunity that’s already at your fingertips. My goal is to turn your team into brand ambassadors for your business and heroes to your customers and to turn your customers into raving fans.

The book will show you how to:
• understand how to define your business by solutions, not product or service sales;
• create your own marketplace by clearly differentiating what you do;
• engage your employees with tools to make a difference;
• add to your value for customers through your relationships with them;
• create raving fans by going beyond service to solutions;
• focus on the value your business already has (that you may be taking for granted);
• maintain your customer focus through “educated observation”; and
• see significant improvements in profits, customer engagement and loyalty, and team buy-in and retention.

About The Author

Patti Mara’s passion is helping people find the right perspective – which in turn helps them generate extraordinary profits. Patti is an expert on perspective – she’s spent nearly 20 years helping companies and individuals take a fresh look at the way they operate. This unique insight helps them to reach their full potential: enhancing customer experiences and dramatically increasing customer retention, growth, and profit!

See What People Are Saying About UpSolutions

“UpSolutions puts business owners in the driver’s seat with strategies for differentiating themselves from their competition and for turning their team members into heroes for their customers”

-Dan Sullivan, Founder & President of The Strategic Coach®, Inc.

“I think for a rapidly evolving business world, your book may be as significant to business owners today as The E-Myth was 30 years ago. It helps create a critical mind shift essential for greater profitability and sustainability for any business.”

-Dan Benamoz, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Pharmacy Development Services

In this articulate and engaging book, Patti Mara shows you how to capitalize on strengths you’re currently overlooking to better serve your customers, increase your margins, and permanently escape competition. Her UpSolutions process is easy to understand and implement, and is based on years of experience working with business owners and teams. If you’d rather provide solutions than sell, and would rather build relationships than simply handle transactions, then this book is for you. I highly recommend it!

-Shannon Waller, Entrepreneurial Team Expert, Strategic Coach

Easy or Hard? The two ways to grow a successful small business!! Patti Mara has encapsulated all the critical pieces necessary to do it the Easy way. Trust what your clients are telling you, let your team help design the solutions your clients need and above all else design your delivery to add value to your clients’ decisions. They will be loyal! This is a must-read primer for all small business owners! We know it works – we thrived while training with Patti and continue to this day!!

-Len Hume and Annette Marchionda, Owners of PCS of Niagara

Many small to medium size business find it challenging to compete with the "BIG" name brands. This book shows you have to change the game, and your thinking, and gives you real strategies to create to stand out from the crowd! Filled with real life examples of companies Patti was worked with, and action steps that you can immediately apply to your business. Standing out from the crowd is easier than you think and Patti shows you how.

-Shawn Shepeard, 

This book is an easy, and still very educative and inspiring reading - not only for retail business owners. It navigates you to look at your daily customer interaction routines from another perspective. It's not the one current transaction that matters, but the whole impression you leave that may or may not turn your customers into raving fans.

-Petra Steward