Complaints are one of the most challenging forms of customer communication, and yet they are often the most important.

Complaints often deliver essential information on how to build your business AND an opportunity to turn a customer into a Raving Fan!

But most businesses (and people) get caught up in the negative emotional response and completely miss the message and so handle the complaint poorly and miss the incredible opportunity.

Watch this video to discover a simple formula to Effectively (and Easily) Handle Customer Complaints:

The formula is from the book:
A Complaint is a Gift by Janelle Barlow & Claus Moller
1. Say Thank you
2. Explain why appreciate the complaint
3. Apologize for the mistake
4. Promise to do something about the problem immediately
5. Ask for necessary information
6. Correct the mistake – promptly
7. Check for customer satisfaction
8. Prevent future mistakes

We cover dealing with Customer Complaints and Tapping into and Increasing Customer Communication in The Profit Generator Program, including training your team to improve your customer experience.