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Understanding what is important to your customers, in particular your Target Audience customers, is your Profit Goldmine. If you are asking and listening, your customers will tell you what they want, need and value.

  • Discover the opinions and attitudes of your customers
  • Make intelligent decisions to deliver on customer need
  • Give customers a voice to promote client loyalty
  • Increase customer renewal rates and overall satisfaction (retention)
  • Gather feedback to identify upsell opportunities
  • Compile written testimonials from satisfied customers (or audio/video)
  • Identify areas that do not meet customer expectations

“The heart of a company’s competitive advantage is its ability to know its customers better than anyone else. The most effective way to do this is to survey them on what they are thinking and what they want,” said Dana Meade, general manager of Zoomerang.

You can use these Steps if you are creating an Integrative or Pro-Active Feedback Survey.

Step 1 – Determine why you are creating a customer survey:

  • What do you want to know?
  • Who do you want to know if from?
  • What are you going to do with the information once you get it?

Answering these three questions gives you the focus to designing your survey from.

Step 2 – Design the questions of your survey

  • Keep it short, focused and easy to fill out with accurate information
  • Some questions may use a 5 point satisfaction scale:

E.g. What is your overall satisfaction rating with our service/company?

1                              2                              3                              4                              5

very                             dissatisfied                 neither dissatisfied               satisfied                             very                                                                                                                    dissatisfied                                                              nor satisfied                                                                        satisfied

  • Some questions may require short answers:

What are your issues or concerns you most want us to know about when we are providing services?

Step 3 – Test out your survey

  • Involve your team and a couple of key customers.
  • Did they understand everything?
  • Did they completely fill it out?
  • Did you collect the information you were looking for?

Step 4 – Design the “Roll Out Plan”

  • By mail? Phone? In person? Online?
  • When are you rolling out – timeline receiving response
  • Who is involved?
  • What specifically needs to be done?
  • How are you tracking?

Step 5 – What is the reason for Customers to fill out?

  • Position what is in it for the customers to complete the survey
  • Let them know how much time it will take up front
  • “Help us to Better Take Care of Your Healthcare Needs”
  • An incentive? Coupons? Prizes? Thank you? Something that ties back into your service?

Step 6 – Roll Out Survey

  • Track results & responses
  • Capture and collect feedback
  • Acknowledge customer participation – thank you of some form (could be along with prize or incentive)

Step 7 – Analyze Responses

  • Compile the responses to each question
  • Review – what did you learn?
  • Improvement ideas or changes?
  • What actions do you want to take?
  • You could take the extra step to communicate to your customers what you learned “We Listened – based on your feedback we have implemented ….. to better serve you. Thank you for being a partner with us delivering the Best Healthcare Solution”

Resources: This is meant as a simple guideline to get you started to unlocking the power of customer feedback. There are many resources available especially online such as www.surveymonkey.com or www.zoomerang.com. They both have a free version that you can use, as well as a Pro version to buy.