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Is Your Business Ready for a Customer-Centric World?

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Consumers all over the world had their habits and patterns interrupted two years ago when the pandemic changed life as we knew it. People began to rethink their priorities. The Great Resignation began. And as we all move closer to living life in a post-pandemic world, business owners are being driven to a customer-centric model.

How do you ensure that your business is on the right side of this trend? If you think about the ways you’ve changed as a consumer, it can help you get into the minds of your customers and clients in a way that honors them and helps them to feel valued. That is how you become a customer-centric business.

What Changed Over the Past Two Years for Your Customers?

When the pandemic hit, more customers did their shopping online. Many businesses saw the need and began to offer in-store pickup. Some let customers know that they didn’t even need to leave their car and an associate would bring their purchases out to them when they sent a message stating they were outside. As restaurants closed their in-house dining, people began to order carry-out or delivery.

Have you noticed a new level of convenience and comfortability in your interactions with businesses that you frequent? Would you rather have your dinner delivered to your doorstep than change into something other than athleisure to go out to a nice restaurant? When you’ve had a busy day at work and need to make that next Target run, do you place the order before you leave the house?

How Have Your Customers’ Needs Changed?

If you used to have clients coming to your office, are you noticing that more of them ask for a Zoom call instead? Or if you have a brick-and-mortar store, are you receiving more requests for deliveries?

To create a customer-centric business, owners who can adapt and adjust the way you operate to meet your customers’ needs shows them that you value and understand them. And when they feel valued, their loyalty to you and your products and services strengthens.

How Do They Want to Interact with Your Business Today?

Consider how you’re utilizing backend efficiency, especially when it comes to using emerging tech. Are you taking advantage of the opportunities available to share your business with your customers with tech?

If you find that customers want to interact with you online, go for it! Not only can interacting online improve customer engagement, but it can also increase efficiency and reduce backend costs.

Are you operating from a past-focused or a future-forward mindset?

Business owners have a tendency to subscribe to the old adage, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Some business owners continue with this past-focused mindset, doing things the way they’ve always been done, even as they experience challenges and margins decrease. Business have closed and aren’t reopening many times because they continued to operate the same way they did five or even ten years ago.

On the other hand, when we have a future-focused mindset, we’re using the current market challenges, and changing customer needs to make necessary shifts as we visualize our business thriving and adapting. Take a moment to consider how your business can make one small change that will move you in the direction of customer-centricity. Once you implement that change, get feedback from your team members and customers. Use the feedback for problem-solving more solutions and continue taking one new step at a time.

Let me know your first step to expanding a customer-centric focus! Do you have a business thatyou patronize because they’re customer-centric? What are they doing, and what do you like about it?

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