Podcast Interview: How To Adapt and Pivot Your Business During a Crisis

by Nov 8, 2021Blog0 comments

On her Podcast, The #Speakeasy Podcast, Altovise Pelzer and I discussed how you can adapt and pivot your business in a time of crisis. Are you leaning in and pivoting to what’s showing up in your business during the pandemic? It is important that you create a powerful future vision for your business that will enable you to easily pivot during hard times.

Listen in to learn the importance of having a powerful and engaging future vision that you can adjust when a failure occurs.

Key points from this episode:
* How to future-forward your business for better results and positioning.
* Understanding how to create value for your business.
* Learning to lean into what’s not working in your business because it’s creating the redirect for you.
* Have a powerful and engaging future vision that will enable you to pivot your business.