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Podcast Interview: James Robert Lay – Banking on Digital Growth

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It was such pleasure speaking with James Robert Lay, the Founder and Host of Banking on Digital Growth Podcast.

An important note for employees that have worked for an organization for an extended period of time is:

Customers don’t have the same expertise as you do within your company.

They don’t know the latest deals, discounts, or bundling that you know off the top of your head. It’s why it’s so important to engage with customers. Otherwise you’re missing out on the opportunity to provide additional solutions your consumers aren’t aware they need.

During our interview, I share my knowledge of customer excellence.

Join us as we discuss:

Launching a book & focusing on helping the customer

Expansion opportunities for the deal listeners

What it means to up-solution

The role internal teams play & intrapreneurship    





“We’re in challenging times but also the biggest opportunity of our lifetime.” -Patti Mara

Remember when big box stores started falling victim to massive online vendors like Amazon? Now both categories – traditional retailers and online giants – are being outwitted by small-but-mighty startups.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the financial world, where neobanks and fintech firms are revolutionizing how people manage their finances. What does it all mean for customer loyalty?

Patti Mara, global strategic consultant with Maranet Inc. and author of UpSolutions: Turning Teams into Heroes and Customers into Raving Fans, joined James Robert on the Banking on Digital Growth Podcast to answer that very question.


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