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Just as everyone in the world right now, we are going through a period of crisis, chaos, and change. Where we differ and can stand out as a business, is how we respond to it all.

I recently joined Ralph Peterson on his podcast episode titled: Setting Your Team Up For Success and we discussed how the rules of business are changing.

Ralph is the owner and operator of Ralph Peterson, LLC, a management development company that specializes in helping mission-driven organizations build Five-Star management teams within the long-term industry. In addition to Ralph Peterson, LLC – Ralph is also a #1 Best-Selling Author, Internationally Syndicated Columnist, highly sought-after management development coach and public speaker.

We all must shift to a customer-centric solutions-based business model to survive, especially in today’s climate.

“Some of the best information you’re going to get is from what’s not working.”

Listen to our podcast to hear Ralph and me discuss:

  • The emotional impact of change
  • Opportunities to redesign your business
  • Coaching teams on customer service
  • How to have empathy and create outcomes you want

Click here to listen.