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Podcast Interview: UpSolutions and Fulfilling Work with Patti Mara

by Blog, General

What a pleasure to speak with James Laws of Leading to Fulfillment Podcast. I was recently his guest and we discussed how you can help your team find fulfilling careers while also empowering your business by embracing UpSolutions. 

In the episode we discussed…

  • The difference between Upscales and Upsolutions
  • The real role your team members play in your business and how you reinforce that role with position agreements
  • How to help employees of all industries find fulfilling careers
  • Signs that something needs to change in your business and how to approach it

How do you introduce change to your team in an appropriate way?

Here’s a simple 4-step process:

1. Do proper preparation and research ahead of time. You might want to have a centralized place where you keep your ideas so they’re categorized and easily searchable.

2. Flesh out the purpose of your new idea, and what you want the outcome of it to be.

3. Have a conversation with your team, and be mindful of what your team is already working on. You want to avoid derailing another important project they currently have prioritized.

4. Get input from your team. They’ll likely see things you haven’t seen as you’ve thought through your idea, so you can either improve it, or shelve it for later.

All this and more in today’s episode.