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Supercharge your focus and end 2022 with strong business results

by Blog

As we enter the final three months of the year, now is a great time to review 2022 to date, update  your goals and create a laser sharp focus to supercharge your results and end the year strong.

We all tend to start the year with a plan and goals. And then life happens! Supply chain issues, team  turnover and challenges, wholesaler, and vendor issues. You name it!

To quote John Lennon “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”.

And that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes what happens off to the side is exactly what we need to move  forward.

Now is the Best Time to Supercharge Focus and Results for Rest of This Year

I find the beginning of October is the perfect time to review my year to date, compare to my goals and plan for the year, and then create an action plan to end the year powerfully.

Given what I know now, what do I need to do to create the best possible outcome for the end of 2022?”

What to do next? I start is with brainstorming on a whiteboard:

  • What achievements have happened so far this year? Planned or unplanned.
  • What hasn’t been accomplished that I had on my 2022 goals?
  • Are there any other priorities that I need to include?

From there I categorize and organize and finally prioritize – what are the one, two or three projects that if I accomplished, would supercharge how I end the year?

Where Can Your Focus Create Your Best Outcomes?

A reminder – one project completed is money in the bank; five in process is not. Less is more when choosing your focus.

And then I create a project plan for the next three months. What do I need to accomplish and by when? What are my team working on, how would I like to be kept informed and by when?

The best way to predict the future is to create it” Abe Lincoln.

When I do this October review and focus exercise, I always am amazed at what gets accomplished within a few months.

May you have an exceptional rest of 2022 and be set up for success in 2023!