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Webinar Replay – Pharmacy

As well as building and running your Pharmacy business, you must also deal with the changing marketplace. What worked for independent pharmacy 10, 20 or 30 years ago is just no longer producing the same results. If it feels like you are working harder and being squeezed from all sides, you are not alone. Every industry is being affected, but there are some unique challenges for independent pharmacy.

In order to navigate the change and position your pharmacy for growth and success you MUST understand and apply the New Business Rules. Watch the video below of a special webinar with Patti Mara to discover what two of the New Business Rules are and how to apply them with The Profit Accelerator Formula.


Click on Full Screen mode in the lower right hand corner of the Video Player to see the full screen.

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What are your thoughts? How have the marketplace changes impacted your Pharmacy business? What are you biggest current challenges?