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Experience a fun, engaging, and effective learning environment that provides practical tools for both team members and managers to increase company culture, team engagement and business results..

What We Do

Retail and service businesses are challenged like never before. An independent business needs to be communicating the value they provide, not just what they sell. Their team, as the front-line engagement with customers, needs to be clear on the value they bring and how to deliver a customer experience that’s consistent with the value of the business.

The challenge is most team members have been taught the tasks of their role, and not the impact of how they do their tasks and what experience is being created.

Everyone wants to feel they are winning in their role, and businesses want to build trusted relationships with their customers.

The unifying key is for team members to have a different framework to be able to view their company and interactions from the customers’ perspective and know how to engage with customers to deliver value and build relationships – turning teams into heroes and customers into raving fans.

Independent pharmacies

Who We Are

Patti Mara has worked with hundreds of companies to reposition them for success and dramatically increase their customer loyalty, team engagement and profitability.

Patti is the principal trainer and the author of the best selling book “UpSolutions – Turning Your Team into Heroes and Customers into Raving Fans“.

The results are a clear market message, a highly motivated team, and repeat customers. Team members become brand ambassadors for the company and heroes to customers.

As a coach for Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach® Program, she has also worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to dramatically increase their sales, positioning, and company growth. She is a frequent podcast guest on shows such as Unstoppable CEO, Starting Advantage, and Science of CX.

How It Works

The UPSOLUTIONS TEAM SUCCESS TRAINING is a three-month integrated training which includes experiential learning, video resources and an organizational review.

Series of 12 custom video trainings with quizzes

  • Winning Mindsets
  • Who are Your Customers?
  • Customer Communication
  • Handling Complaints
  • Front Stage/Back Stage and On Brand/Off Brand
  • Task vs Result and Fault vs Problem
  • Front Stage Process and Back Stage Systems
  • TouchPoint Scorecard™ and Customer WalkThrough™ exercises
  • UpSolutions Recipe
  • Trusted Solution Partner
  • Retail or Service Rules
  • Dealing with Common Challenges

Four live zoom team trainings examining key elements of the video trainings and incorporating into day-to-day decisions and activities.

Three coaching calls to set team up for success and review progress with clear understanding of business impact.

Independent Pharmacy


Increased team engagement with understanding of the importance of their role in the business and clear purpose and impact of their actions and decisions.

Increased skill in customer awareness, engagement, and relationship development.

Team development allowing for greater level of authority and autonomy in their roles.

Transferable skills and mindsets resulting in greater individual value created for this or future teams they are on.

Custom Learning Portal for current team review and future team members’ training.

What People Say

“Thank you for all your energy and effort you brought to our team training. I’ve had team members tell me they’ve been up late at night thinking of different ideas to make us better!”
Josh Borer
“Patti Mara is the real thing. She has had an awesome influence on our business over the years and all of that prep has helped us through the last six months and has propelled us to have the most work on our books than ever before.”
Jane May Jones
“I heard Patti speak at a conference and I thought it was a great idea looking at our pharmacy from our customers’ experience. My team really enjoyed the training and it shifted all of us to a new way of looking at our customers and working together.”

Maureen Althouse

“An amazing, insightful and experience trainer. Patti deploys professionalism in all that she does. She CAN see the forest for the trees and has the innage ability to think outside the box to recommend winning solutions for businesses.”
Heather Smith
“Patti has a way of pulling the most deep-seated and useful aspects of your company out, and then teaches you how to use those aspects to breathe new life into your business. She’s the “Tony Robbins” of outstanding business growth and success.”
Sandi White
“Working with Patti changed my whole world! Once I learned how to run a business instead of it running me, I had the freedom to come and go. I couldn’t have taken even a few days off before. We’ve created a proactive instead of reactive business model, which allows us to take better care of our patients – not just providing them with a product but taking care of their needs. My staff bought into the shift, and that allowed them the freedom to have a greater impact. They’re actually providing care for the patient. And they get that it’s not just the pharmacist, they have an impact as well. They see it, they see it in a patient. Obviously it’s working because of the growth we’ve experienced. People like to get service, and feel taken care of, so that’s why we grow.”

Bob Lomenick

“Patti Mara has the unique ability to cut through chaos and land right on the defining elements of a successful team effort. If you’ve never experienced her “Up-Solutions Team Success” Training, you’re in for an eye-opening treat! She recently led our Team through a 12-week program, complete with on-line training, virtual meetups and timely testing. After the Training our Team members understand; they’re the Experts, they’re the Heroes, and they’re the reason our customers keep returning. This combined with position agreements and better Team communication has made for a more productive and engaged group. Worth every penny!!!”

Len Hume and Annette Marchionda

“I heard Patti speak at a conference and I thought it was a great idea looking at our pharmacy from our customers’ experience. Initially in the course we worked on identifying our target market. Traditionally we were in a community where we were more focused on retirement aged individuals but realized through this course that we had a lot of young families that we weren’t targeting, mainly children and new families, so we refocused our view on the store. My team really enjoyed the training and it shifted all of us to a new way of looking at our customers and working together.”
Maureen Althouse

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