Are you feeling squeezed and forced to compete on price? There are new rules of business that I want you to be aware of. I recently joined the Brandaid® podcast to discuss how customer experience is key to building your brand. All it takes are a few mindset shifts and how you focus on the solutions you provide. Learn how you can start turning sales into solutions and transactions into relationships.

In this episode, Cheryl Hodgson and I discuss:

  • The inherent value of a thoughtfully designed and delivered customer experience.
  • How I work with business owners and their teams to shift mindset and create solutions for their target audience.
  • Customer service as a brand differentiator.
  • The four steps of my “absolutions recipe” to create a great customer service experience.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The entrepreneur/business owner sets the tone for the organization’s culture.
  • Shift from sales to solutions and from transactions to relationships.
  • Clearly communicate your client’s ROI as part of your brand message.
  • Give customers reason to become raving fans.