Years ago I read an article in a Financial Industry journal that talked about the challenge of dealing with problems in a business.

All of us could draw up a list of challenges, bottlenecks and issues we are currently dealing with in our business.

The main point of the article was that there are always problems in any business.

In fact problems are often a by-product of growth.

So problems are a given. How you deal with them is what makes the difference!

The article went on to say that you can actually determine the level of business development based on the type of problems that a business is dealing with.

Are you trying to attract more customers (or can you remember that being your main concern!)?

Are you struggling with how to differentiate your product or service?

Are you looking for the right talent to grow your business? Or are you looking for enterprise software that allows your team to work globally?

Every business has its current level of problems, challenges or issues that they are dealing with.

But as you deal with your current issues, you are also developing your company – whether by adding people, systems, resources or capabilities.

And here is the key point – it actually has less to do with the problems, and more to do with the level of capability you have put in place to deal with the problems.

Part of building your business is increasing your capability to handle greater sales, cashflow, inventory, more customers, more staff or structure – in other words increased capability to deal with bigger problems!!!

The problems actually open the door to identifying what you need to put in place in order to grow your business. They direct you where to look, what to do and what is missing.

Start looking at the issues in your business, and ask yourself “What capability needs to be put in place to deal with this?”

And then the question really is do you want to deal with $500,000 problems, $5,000,000 problems or $50,000,000 problems?

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