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It’s no secret that I believe independently owned businesses are the cornerstone of our economies. I recently joined Richard Matthews on The HERO Show Podcast to talk about how the current crisis of global uncertainty, pandemic, and lockdown has accelerated recent business trends that have been squeezing independent business owners and almost overnight putting those businesses at risk.

Richard has been helping his clients build HEROic brands since 2012. He has helped many clients add 6-Figures+/year to their businesses using the techniques he developed over that time. The HERO show describes itself as a peek behind the masks of modern-day superheroes. What makes them tick? What are their superpowers? Their worst enemies? What’s their kryptonite? And who are their personal heroes?

Listen to our podcast to hear Richard and I discuss:

  • Discovering customer experience development and how I have seen —firsthand— how it dramatically impacts business revenue.
  • Shifting your business focus from sales to solutions, and from transactions to relationships.
  • Discover my unique combination of three talents and how she brings them together so she can help other people slay their villains and come out on top in their own journey.
  • As a general rule, entrepreneurs are very good at a very slim margin of activities.
  • A person can be good at a lot of things but can only master one thing. A Jack of all trades, master of one.
  • Hiring people takes a leap of faith and it gets easier as more members are added to your team.
  • How I welcome enemies and challenges as they create the conflict or contrast that allows for more creativity.
  • The product of service that you sell is important but it is no more than a vehicle for you to create value.
  • Breaking up the legacy thought patterns — “this is the way we’ve always done it”. And asking yourself one important question. Would you start your business today?
  • My mission is to enable 1000+ businesses to reimagine, reinvent, reposition, and become the leaders coming out of this global COVID-19 crisis.

Click here to listen.