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Whether you’re selling widgets on a street corner or big-ticket, long-cycle products to manufacturers, you have to understand the psychology behind selling. Changes in today’s marketplace have moved from transaction-based selling to relationship-based selling. They’ve also moved from a product focus (“this is what my product does”) to a customer focus (“this is what you can do … with my product”).

It’s the idea of selling a product’s benefits instead of just its features. For the customer’s needs — what are they lacking? Looking for? Longing for? When you tap into that unmet need, you establish an emotional connection – and bring yourself that much closer to making a sale.

Selling solutions is also an ideal way to quickly differentiate yourself and your products from the competition. They sell houses, you sell homes. They sell food, you sell a one-of-a-kind dining experience. They sell vitamins, you sell a healthier lifestyle.

It’s about using the customer experience approach to shift your company’s business model and take advantage of the changes and pressures in today’s marketplace.

From prospecting to closing, solution selling is an effective strategy for boosting your relationships, your results, and your revenue!

Where have you been selling solutions in your business?