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What a year 2020 has been.

We’ve dealt with a global pandemic, the impact on business of both fear in the marketplace and lockdown restrictions to slow transmission. To top is all off it’s been a topsy turvy year politically!

What has been the impact for your business?

I had a plan at the start of the year – my 2020 Vision! My first book was published Jan 28th and that was to be the start of a new business launch.

And then March hit! And the whole market changed. My first action was to get in touch with clients, contacts and friends – what were they experiencing? What were the challenges?

What I found were some businesses were thriving, some hanging on, and eventually some were shutting down. What I found fascinating is that whether a business was thriving or hanging on didn’t depend nearly as much on the industry (although some industries completely shut down and required a dramatic pivot such as any business supporting in-person events), as the mindset of the business owner and team.

For example, an essential service business that has been able to keep it’s doors open but invested in adding Shopify to their website and increasing accessibility for their customers, while also increasing communication. Their business has grown significantly this year, even adding a second location.

Compared to one of my favorite stores, whose website is difficult to navigate and the search function is awful – you can’t find what you know they carry and have to scroll through pages of completely unrelated products.

The difference may just be whether you are embracing the future or resisting it – but more of that in the New Year!

Let’s talk about 2020. I find it essential before planning for the next year, to review the past one:

  • What worked
  • What didn’t work
  • What did you learn?

My experience is, if you take the time to write down everything that did work as well as what didn’t in the review of the year, you will find you are further ahead than you may have thought.

And when we look at what we learned, there is a shift to what we are focusing on, allowing gratitude in the face of change and challenge.

A great question to ask yourself is “What can you do now, that you couldn’t at the start of 2020?”

Although I like to travel (especially for adventure trips), I’ve enjoyed not traveling as much for business. I’ve been able to speak at virtual events, provide virtual training and even team training. Plus, not being able to rely on face to face gatherings, I’ve finally invested time into developing an online marketing funnel.

Expanding your business online doesn’t mean you have to take on the world – the focus is how do you increase accessibility for your customer base. And maybe then take on the world!

After reviewing 2020, the next step is planning out 2021.

Adapting my favourite Peter Drucker question – “Knowing what you know now, with what you have learned in 2020, what changes or projects will position your business for success in 2021?

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To Your Success!