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Podcast Interview: Using a Crisis to Future-Proof Your Business

by Mar 29, 2021Blog, General0 comments

When the normal way of doing business is interrupted, those who adapt quickly will realize success, leaving everyone else struggling to catch up. What are the opportunities of a crisis in business and how do we capture them? How can business owners position themselves for success, not stagnancy?

In this episode, Meg Schmitz and I talk about how businesses that used the recent challenges to create new connections and ease of engagement for their customers have accelerated their success for years to come. In other words, they have future-proofed their businesses.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The key thing that determines success in a crisis
  • How to win at the game of business
  • Why business metrics need our constant attention


Meg Schmitz is a business owner, francise consultant, and loves nourishing her soul in the great outdoors. She understands that her life is richer because she has the time to pursue her personal interests alongside her professional goals. “We are multi-dimensional people, and only you know your dreams.

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